Why choose us?

Gdex anime is dedicated to quality and differentaition when it comes to advertising your product/service. We aim to portray a clearer more distinct representation of your product/service that your customers can't help but look at.

2D animation

Animation in 2-dimensional space eg. inforgraphics, intros, animated ads see example 2-dimensional animation

3D animation

Animation in 3-dimensional space requires the development of a 3d environment which gives the animation a more realistic and attractive look see example 3-dimensional animation

General animation

Any form of art can be animated once properly prepared. eg logos, comapny intros, text etc. see example General animation

White Board Animation

White Board Animation is a very attractive form of animation that displays information by drawing text and character onto most commonly a white suface. White board animation

Simple, Clean and Impactful

We believe in the minimalistic approach exerting more with less, achieving great impact while at the same time using less resources. We pride ourselves by letting substance and quality be the selling points of our animations.

Image is everything

Image is important when marketing a product or service, it is the impression that is left in the consumers mind about your business. Regardless of how good your product is you cannot land a sale if you cannot gain the customers interest; and first impressions never go away. That being said, nothing arouses curiousity like a well thought out animation. Check out the video, unmute to hear sound.

General pricing

The illustrations below give a average cost of what the pricing would be like. Please note that prices are subject to change based on the complexity of the project and the amount of initial information given please feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

2D Annimation


Prices are subject to change based on length and complexity.

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3D Annimation


Prices are subject to change based on length and complexity.

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General Animation


Prices are subject to change based on length and complexity.

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White Board Animation


Prices are subject to change based on length and complexity.

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This illustration explains the process which is undertaken in development of a project.

Planning / Organisation

Firstly, co-ordinating with the client we develop a storyline that suits the company as well as attractive to the eye. In this stage of development most of the effort goes into research; what colour to use, which elements to include and what elements to design.

Material Gathering

Once the storyline and storyboard has been finalised the next task is to collect all the necessary components to bring the project together. Custom projects are the most difficult because each component needs to be designed in other instances components could be purchased or legally acquired otherwise.

Development and Testing

This is were the magic happens finally you start to see the fruits of your labour, but far from over because you almost never get it right the first time. After long hours of tweaking and restructuring hundreds of layers of animated elements, eventually the perfect animation is born.

Launch and Delivery

Now that it is finished and well polished, time to present to the client who approves or requests changes which is completed then delivered.